Wednesday, July 16, 2008

some updates

wow it has been forever since i have updated this i really newver visit here so that is why! well life is good fore me right now i am still dating here n there nothing serious though but who cares the time will come whenever it does i went to the Tim McGraw concert recently wow that was a blast! I took my best friend Kelli Lucas n also two other girls i am friends with we all enjoyed the concert i am looking into toby Keith tickets but am still not certain if i can get work off or what not so i will c! last week i went to help Kelli move n we ended up hanging out for about 4 almost 5 hours due to the fact that the bachlorette was on i dont really care about that show but kelli did so we would talk during the commericals it was fun to hang out with her! unforttually i havent seen her since she moved so we will fix that soon i hope! anyways i know i need to load photos on here but i dont really feel like uploading them oh well due time good people due time! i am excited for bear lake tommrow because i have been working everyday and am starting to feel a bit overworked so i need a vacation! i update my facebook page more often then i do this and it has photos too so to all who have the need to be updated check there first i gotta go now much to do so little time until next time -Drew or as some have called me Big D!

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