Wednesday, March 26, 2008

why does it seem everyone is taken?

so today i was talking to a girl who i was going to ask out. no wait let me correct that i was asking a girl out today and not to long ago she told me that it would be fun to date me, anyways i did a follow up today i aksed her out and she told me that she is dating someone. this would normally not bug me but due to the fact that she told me she was busy until April that come April we could date. i was planning on it now i have this to deal with. another thing is i was going to set up a date wit a differnt girl it turns out that she dissed me i guess right now i am just blowing off some of my steam. my question is why is it that i the girls i want to ask out suddently become taken? Why are all the girls taken ? what am i doing wrong? could they just simply put things blunt and let me know so i dont make that mistake again? I know that i am a man but remember i have feelings too. I know that i am unlike most guys i dont fantasize about sports. Girls if you simply just dont want to date me just tell me bluntly and let me worry about my feelings not you. I look around at the happiness of couples, i see them flirting all the time and here i am all alone becasuse all the girls i ask out tell me we will set something up another time. and when about that time rolls around they are coupled off. I take another look at myself i relize i am not an average ordinary guy. No i dont have extra pounds, my health as far as i can tell is frankly quite good. I dont drink i dont smoke. so what steers them away?


The Carson Family said...

Just keep asking Drew. Ask someone out every weekend! If they say no, ask someone else . . . you just have to keep fishing and before you know if you'll find your perfect catch!

Lizzie said...

Hi Drew,
Don't get discouraged! Remember that Len was 28 when he met your beautiful sister. Before that, his dating luck was a bit sketchy also. You have a lot to offer, and one of these days you will find your perfect match!
Love, Liz Carson